Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So today, I'm going to ask some question's I've been struggling with in regards to Heretics- yes I realize that is a cruel word, and I don't have the place to decide who is a heretic and all the other jazz that might be thrown at me for using such a strong word. If I am immoral or in sin for using such strong language than so be it, for my conciseness is unconstrained by scripture or reason in regards to the reality that some are Heretics.

A heretic most simply is one who causes a divide in the church, but that in itself is not a concise enough definition or else all Christians everywhere would be considered heretics. I do believe that the cause of a divide is a necessary condition for being a heretic, but more specifically a heretic is one who's beliefs, actions, or words undermine the core of Christianity. So I would not call someone a heretic simply because they are outside of my particular denomination. This might be to nice of a definition for some of you, and it it is not a true one that correct me friends.

finally to the point.

Where do you stand on worshiping with Heretics? Should they be allowed to sing with us, to take part in our bible studies, and church services? Should we allow them to pray with us? To what degree do we fellowship with them? Do we argue with them or cut ties all together? Is it better to try to persuade them or abandon them? I really don't have a good answer for this, and I'm hoping that you all do.

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